Original numbered (30x22) poster of Ray Charles & Fats Domino
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  An original limited edition numbered (30x22) poster of Ray Charles & Fats Domino in front of the Legendary Dew Drop Inn in New Orleans by local artist Hector G. The Dew Drop Inn was one of the south's most hippest of night clubs that featured some of the hottests acts from the early 1940's to the 1960's. Anyone from the early pioneers of Rock & Roll such as Fats Domino, Lil Richard, James Brown, Ray Charles, Irma Thoms and a host of others would frequent the bar and rent a room at the adjacent hotel.

  In 2010, the Louisiana Landmarks Society named the Dew Drop Inn an endangered New Orleans historical site. That same year the building was declared a historic landmark by the Historic District Landmarks Commission.





Note larger sizes are available upon request. 

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Original numbered (30x22) poster of Ray Charles & Fats Domino

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